Visual Abstract

As the Creative Director at Annals of Surgery, I have been working on better means to disseminate research. One approach is to visually summarize key points from the article in a "visual abstract." Some examples can be seen below as well as on Twitter by following the hashtag #VisualAbstract . 

You can download a free PDF primer here on how to create one for your own work. 

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Network Delivery of Surgery

Below is an abbreviated slide deck from a recent presentation on Network Strategies to Improve Surgical Care Delivery. The talk is motivated by the underlying evidence that some hospitals perform better than others for different procedures, and that those differences can be leveraged within a network of multiple hospitals to improve overall quality.

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Can Architects Build for Health?

This abbreviated slide deck pulls from two recent national talk for the American Institute of Architects on how architects can "build for health." It outlines the shift in healthcare payment policies from "volume to value." It then uses those policy changes as a platform to identify opportunitues to influence health from the scale of a single operating room up to an entire community.  

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